Living Well in all Areas of Your Life


Judy K. Martene is a SELF EMPOWERMENT INTUITIVE TEACHER/AUTHOR. Mind -Body Soul Practitioner.

She is a creative visionary, a recognized Leader, catalyst for positive change with a passion to inspire, teach, connect, and support others. 

Founder, Producer, TV Talk Show Host and Director/Editor for documentaries of The Kindness AEfect.

Starred in the documentary The Resonance with former Minister of Defense for Canada The Honourable Paul T Hellyer.

Starred in the documentary The Cure with Sharon Stone, The Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra, Bif Naked, Mark Wahlberg and Barbara Marx Hubbard.

Founder and CEO of The Orangeville Health and Wellness Centre Inc.

Founder and CEO of Women Living Well.  

Founder and CEO of Living Well

Holistic Practitioner.
Theta Healing Practitioner.
Law of Attraction Teacher.
Holistic Healer.
C.R.A. Practitioner.
Published Author.

She has gone from “Tragic to Magic” and now shares her secrets with others.  

Her courses align with her purpose to help others awaken to their unconscious world and remember who they are at core level, recognize their purpose, heal from traumas and connect with their higher power(s).



Speaker at the World Peace Summit 2015

Judy was a speaker at the summit.

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Life In The Hologram

Judy was interviewed for the show by Madeline Rudy & Merlin Wizard.


 Speaker at the International Women's Day Summit 2015

Judy was part of the Modalities of Treatment Panelists.

Speaker at Women's Day and Women Living Well.


Wize Move Society

Judy was invited to be a gues speakera facebook live by Ingun Bol-de Bock CEO of Wize Move Society a 50 years Plus Membership.

A Beautiful Life Magazine

I have written a number of articles for The Beautiful Life Magazine.


Purchase here
Purchase here

Author of Breathe - Staying Calm in Times of Chaos

Judy is a co-author of this book which is published by A Beautiful Life.


The Cure - Film

I was asked by director Emmanuel Etier to star in his film The Cure discussing health and wellbeing.

The Resonance Film

Director Lana Marconi asked Judy to appear in the film.