Living Well in all Areas of Your Life

Peace, Inner Guidance and Intuition

balance balancelife caring inner intuition peace peaceofmind struggle Aug 22, 2021

My inner guidance, intuition, and peace of mind have been getting stronger and clearer during this past year.
The nudgings are unmistakable. They resonate within that sacred place, deep in my solar plexus.

I can always trust the guidance I receive.

Any inclination to not listen to that nudging has me spinning in directions that don’t feel right like I am off in a whole different world where nothing fits. It leaves me feeling like I am the puzzle piece that belongs to another puzzle and not the one that is present.

I am experiencing a very different sense of spacialness that I have never felt before.untitled-design

My thoughts, my headspace feels a little cloudy at times and my thoughts seem to have no solidness to them, just as they were floating right on with and through the clouds.

I am identifying less with who I was and who I think I am.

I struggled for quite some time,  first trying to figure out who I was, then after leaving my headspace and going into my heart I realized it didn’t matter anymore.
I am just to walk my talk every day and that every day I would become more of the me that just is.

I can be at peace with this.
Live Well, Everyone…